We create accessible data insights available to businesses of all sizes. 

We believe that the power of big data should be made available irrespective of the size of your organisation.

We believe data should be easy to access and simple to visualise so that businesses and organisations of all sizes can focus on the insights they need rather than spend hours on endless data administration.

Hemisphere is a collaborative data platform designed from the ground up, combining multiple data sources that can be accessed via a range of configurable options, including by white-labelling your own Data Hub. 

Our vision is to help businesses become the best they can be to drive economic growth and social progress. We know big data can be harnessed to make our world better. 

Hemisphere was founded by Mike Welling in Sydney, Australia. 


Mike’s life and work experiences intersect across tech innovation, adventure travel and environmental sustainability, including a couple of years undertaking research in the Brazilian jungle.

Having seen the transformative power of privacy-compliant data for good, particularly in protecting wilderness areas, he created Hemisphere with the initial mission to help fill tourism data gaps. 

Now, seeing the potential for Hemisphere to move beyond tourism, he’s put his expertise and focus into other industries including retail and media, to highlight how easy-to-access and simplified data insights can be and their power to transform businesses. 

Mike now leads the Hemisphere team from Sydney, working with some of the best data engineers, developers and product managers in the country to ensure Hemisphere’s insights are as accessible as they are useful. Hemisphere is the tech platform that also enables Mike’s adventure insights platform, the award-winning Wejugo.  

How we started 

When the Australian Government issued a challenge to industry to come up with solutions for using data to answer shortfalls in the supply of tourism data, we answered the competitive call.

Hemisphere’s solution was selected out of 35 applications, and we received a $1 million innovation grant. This enabled our team to develop a visitation and tourism analytics platform that’s unrivalled internationally. 

By combining transactional, telecommunications, social media and other forms of digitally sourced data into a comprehensive tool, we opened up the potential for users to quickly identify the impact of tourism and population movements across a number of key metrics in near real time. 

That tool has since been used and tested by several large organisations during our pre-commercial launch phase, including by government institutions, state tourism agencies and other partners. Hemisphere has also received considerable investor support. 

Now, we’re taking our platform to the world. We have seen the transformational impact that having access to real data insights can have on businesses looking to access population movements, spend patterns and trends. 

We’re here to enable more businesses to unlock this potential. We’re determined to make the process as simple as possible, so small businesses as well as those with limited analytics skills can access the information they need, when and as they need it. 

About our data sources 

We integrate data sources into the Hemisphere analytics platform, giving users insights across visitation, expenditure, sentiment (such as through reviews), accommodation listings and research data. 

All our data sources are 100% privacy compliant. Our partners include major telcos and GPS data providers, financial transaction providers, review publishers and accommodation listings owners, as well as research data including the International and National Visitor Surveys.

Our privacy stance

We know that a data insights platform like ours is only as good as its commitment to privacy, which is why from day one we have placed privacy compliance at the heart of everything we do. 

We follow global best practice in privacy preservation, we promote the ethical use of data and source data only from trusted partners that follow these same principles.

Our Values 

  • Purpose-driven 
    We advocate for using privacy-compliant geospatial data for good, always examining where it can be used to create a better world and support our clients in their own purpose-driven work. 
  • Sustainable
    Data can and should be used to support sustainability goals, such as to enable more sustainable tourism and to identify risks in population movements. 
  • Simple
    Accessibility is everything. Hemisphere demystifies data and supports businesses of all sizes to glean the information they need. 
  • Ethical
    At every step, we guarantee we are releasing privacy-compliant data. Ethical data use underpins everything we do and all relationships we engage in. 
  • Diverse
    We believe diversity drives innovation as well as great outcomes for clients, which is why we are proud to have a diverse and inclusive workforce and hiring process.