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Complete data access control

Bringing together data streams from multiple sources in one privacy compliant platform.

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Big Data Discovery
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Rapid business insights
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Unlocking value

  • Pre-configured data visualisations
  • Deep-dive data exploration
  • Permission management
  • Ready-for-distribution predictive insights

Extract more value from data with better granularity, higher frequency, broader coverage and more consistent longitudinal analysis.

Use your own data more effectively or super charge and use the platform to combine with other data sources.

  • Easy process.

    Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, manual data processing and making data ‘fit-for-purpose’.

  • Save time & budget.

    Forget high-maintenance reporting tools that take you away from deep insights generation, or the need to negotiate with multiple data source suppliers. Reduce wasted hours or budgets spent trying to merge mismatched data sources or maintain complex systems.

  • Rapid data insights.

    Hemisphere SaaS employs the best methodologies to generate rapid data insights, so you can focus on crafting smart insights, making timely recommendations to your organisation’s executive team.

  • Ethical data.

    You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that the data and privacy protection has already been managed in accordance with current privacy and data security standards, laws and regulations.

Why Hemisphere Digital?

Hemisphere SaaS employs proven methodologies to help you generate rapid data insights.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that the data and privacy protection has already been managed in accordance with current privacy and data security standards, laws and regulations.

  • Exceptional Reporting

    Securely analyse multiple datasets for more accurate insights and perform advanced data visualisations. Distribute these business-wide with ease.

  • Optimised for speed

    Rapid insight generation from petabytes of precomputed data optimised for the cloud without the query latency times.

  • Big data workloads

    Incredibly large geospatial queries. The platform does the heavy lifting, generating insights in seconds — not weeks — from trillions of rows of data.

  • Predictive insights

    Interactive with pre-defined data models and algorithmic decision support modules to gain insights without the need for time-consuming data modelling.

  • Business value where it’s needed

    Publish insights within your organisation or to external stakeholders with ease and without the headache of maintaining multiple and complex data sharing contracts.

  • Secure by design

    Cyber-secure through multi-factor authentication and using world-leading identity management. Keep your secure login credentials abstracted from the application and data through encrypted tokens.

  • Intuitive user interface

    Designed for the non-technical business user without losing the rich features of a next-generation geospatial intelligence platform; more time generating insights, less time configuring clunky dashboards.

  • Affordable

    Location-based insights previously only available for those with enterprise-level budgets are now within reach of small and mid-sized organisations.

  • Privacy compliant

    All data is sourced consistent with fair data principles and global best practice. Rigorous privacy law compliance and due diligence is conducted prior to working with third party data source providers.

  • Law and ethics

    Compliant with all current privacy and data protection laws and regulations as well as Fair Data Use Principles. All data used also adheres to Hemisphere’s strong commitment to ethics and sustainability.

  • One partner

    No more negotiating data contracts directly with multiple data vendors.

  • All-in-one or complements existing subscriptions

    Use it as your sole service, or to supplement existing subscriptions for mission-critical projects and campaigns.

  • Data agnostic

    Bring your own data sets or integrate with multiple up-to-date data sources in a single platform. GPS, Telco, Transaction data, International Visitor Survey (IVS), National Visitor Survey (NVS) and Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM).

Fully Configurable For Fairer Pricing

Our fair and open pricing framework is designed to meet your organisation’s specific data requirements so you can access and pay for only what you need. Pricing is determined by your requirement for volume, level of detail, granularity, frequency, and what you want to achieve with the data. Contact us and we can tailor a quote to meet your requirements.

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The other subscription package we offer

  • Essential

    Ideal For:

    • Small & Medium Businesses
    • No in-house data analysts team
    • Executives that need existing market data
    • Businesses that need mission-critical planning, strategy and program development.

    Our data as a service package makes the powerful high-level geospatial and analytics tools of tomorrow accessible to businesses of all sizes, today.