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Rapid business insights

Unleash the power of location-based insights from multiple datasets at lightning speed.

Innovative and affordable Australian geospatial intelligence platform opens up a new world of data reporting, even for non-technical users.

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Unlock value as never before

Hemisphere’s Data as a Service (DaaS) offering empowers your business with the ability to unleash the value of location-specific behavioural metrics and reports packaged in a set of rich easy-to-use tools.

Do you require a bird’s eye view but don’t currently have access to datasets that will complete the picture? The Hemisphere DaaS platform gives you access to pre-configured ready to go data. The easy-to-use reporting system allows for rapid insights and recommendations.

  • Privacy-compliant

  • Preconfigured location-based
    data analytics

  • Geospatial insights
    with superior visualisation.

Why Hemisphere Digital?

It’s never been easier to identify seasonality trends, view transactional, visitation and sentiment data down to suburb level without the time lags associated with market research and census-based data sources.

Hemisphere clients quickly gain a birds’ eye view to accurately inform and adjust strategy, budget and attribution.

  • Access to datasets

    Hemisphere integrates multiple up-to-date datasets in a single platform. Allowing you to pick and choose which datasets you need. Including: GPS, Telco, Transaction data, Accommodation listings, International Visitor Survey (IVS) & National Visitor Survey (NVS), Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM) data.

  • Big data workloads

    Incredibly large geospatial queries The advanced Hemisphere platform does the heavy lifting, generating insights in seconds — not weeks — from trillions of rows of data.

  • Exceptional Reporting

    Securely analyse multiple datasets for more accurate insights and perform advanced data visualisations. Distribute these business-wide with ease.

  • Affordable

    Location-based insights previously only available for those with enterprise-level budgets are now within reach of small and mid-sized organisations.

  • Privacy compliant

    All data is sourced consistent with fair data principles and global best practice. Rigorous privacy law compliance and due diligence is conducted prior to working with third party data source providers.

  • Law and ethics

    Compliant with all current privacy and data protection laws and regulations as well as Fair Data Use Principles. All data used also adheres to Hemisphere’s strong commitment to ethics and sustainability.

  • One partner

    No more negotiating data contracts directly with multiple data vendors.

  • All-in-one or complements existing subscriptions

    Use it as your sole service, or to supplement existing subscriptions for mission-critical projects and campaigns.

Fully Configurable For Fairer Pricing

Our fair and open pricing framework is designed to meet your organisation’s specific data requirements so you can access and pay for only what you need. Pricing is determined by your requirement for volume, level of detail, granularity, frequency, and what you want to achieve with the data. Contact us and we can tailor a quote to meet your requirements.

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Other subscription packages we offer

  • Business

    Ideal For:

    • Hotels & Chains
    • Retailers
    • Large Tourism Industry Brands
    • Analysts who want to integrate own datasets

    Allows the analytics team and researchers to focus on insights at speed and less on data processing.

  • Enterprise

    Ideal For:

    • Large organisations
    • Government agencies
    • Multi-nationals
    • Analysts with bespoke data requirements

    Access to custom data integration and enterprise level data sharing capabilities.