We offer flexible packages tailored to your business requirements. Contact our Sales team to find out more.

  • Essential

    Ideal For:

    • Small & Medium Businesses
    • No in-house data analysts team
    • Executives that need existing market data
    • Businesses that need mission-critical planning, strategy and program development.

    Our data as a service package makes the powerful high-level geospatial and analytics tools of tomorrow accessible to businesses of all sizes, today.

  • Business

    Ideal For:

    • Hotels & Chains
    • Retailers
    • Large Tourism Industry Brands
    • Analysts who want to integrate own datasets

    Allows the analytics team and researchers to focus on insights at speed and less on data processing.

  • Enterprise

    Ideal For:

    • Large organisations
    • Government agencies
    • Multi-nationals
    • Analysts with bespoke data requirements

    Access to custom data integration and enterprise level data sharing capabilities.