90% of analytics effort is wasted on data admin.
That’s a $64bn global problem.

Hemisphere gives analysts 75% of time to focus on insights.
That generates $54bn of business value.

Spend less time accessing and preparing data and more on generating and sharing insights Spend less time accessing and preparing data and   more on generating and sharing insights

We offer a range of options for exploring multiple data sets across our simple to use analytics platform.

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Data hub

Our customised Data Hubs enable businesses to create their own branded platforms, tailored to specific requirements.

Location & Buildings - Expenditure & Sentiment - Population Movement

Users of the hub can immediately access data summary reports that are highly customised to their needs, as well as single-click generated PDF reports.

The Data Hub is powered by Hemisphere, but yours to use and brand with relevant style guidelines. It can be further customised to incorporate your own datasets as well as third party data, including digital metrics, publicly sourced sets alongside your owned first party data. The Hub can be used to share data across your organisation, as well as for providing insights to both internal and external users and stakeholders.

Our team will work with you to create an easy to access, simple-to-use platform specific to your business needs.

We save you time and money through one-click data visualisation tools that bring your most relevant business data sets to life, and by enabling data to be exported across multiple file types. Your users will be able to access PDF reports that include data visualisation summaries, as well as the option for more technical users to drill down into complex data analysis.

Establish your own insights platform tailored to your specific requirements, customisable to feature branding with the ability to run immediate data summary reports.

Regional Profiler Icon

Regional Profiler

The Regional Profiler presents a streamlined way to access multiple data points across a specific region, including visitation, expenditure and sentiment metrics.

Profiling local area graphic

It’s a powerful opportunity to explore how and when people are visiting certain regions, their modes of transport, spend patterns and their impact on community sentiment. Future inclusions will also cover infrastructure supply and demand, as well as key attractions and natural areas being visited.

This profiler identifies metrics in near real time, and can be used to continuously report the impact of tourism, alongside year-on-year and even month-on-month benchmarks.

The Regional Profiler has proven particularly relevant during the pandemic period, highlighting major shifts in how Australians have travelled during this period. We’ve also seen the potential for the profiler to identify over-tourism and biosecurity risks from increases in interstate visitation.

For smaller businesses, especially those in tourism, the Regional Profiler offers business insights that would have previously been unavailable without an all-of-sector approach to data sharing through Hemisphere.

Digital Data Integration Icon

Digital Data Integration

Integrate digital performance metrics from web analytics tools such as Adobe or Google and compare geographical based search behaviours against real life visits and spend.

GPS, Expenditure and Web Data graphic

Provide real world context to your digital performance media by analysing side by side visits to your website or featured region compared to actual visits in physical regions.

Gain insights into location-based searches compared to real life demographic profiles, expenditure and inbound visits to regions. Automated data extraction from web analytics tools with Hemisphere geospatial data offers huge time savings and enables a level of audience profiling previously not feasible.

Event Analytics Icon

Event Analytics

Our Event Analysis module offers the fastest way to determine the impact of events, including major festivals, races, or holiday periods, as well as natural disasters and macro-economic factors to the local tourism economy.

Natural Disasters, Sporting events, Precincts & suburbs and Festival Analytic graphic

This analysis gives businesses a swift and effective way to measure the success of events and provides the ability to forecast the ROI of future events.

The event analysis covers attendance, expenditure, sentiment and allows other data sets such as accommodation occupancy to be presented side by side in an easy to access data visualisation.

The data is made available within a short time frame of the event occurring.