intelligent data to
tourism service delivery

intelligent data to
tourism service delivery

Susan's Story

Bridging the knowledge gap

Before we get into the details we’d like to share a story about Susan. Susan works in the area of government that has a direct interest in Australia’s tourism success.

Susan provides data and research to organisations who wish to invest in Australia’s tourism infrastructure. Susan also works on policies to make Australia’s tourism industry more investable.

A large part of Susan’s role is collecting data and information that supports those investment decisions. Unfortunately though the industry is moving incredibly fast and the sources of information and data ave growing exponentially.

It’s no longer sufficient to rely on the existing approaches to data collection. However Susan’s ability to access and use the new data sources is being hindered by technology, resource and skill availability.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the new trends.

The challenge

Current approach:

  • Market research surveys
  • Public record data


  • Limited sector coverage
  • Limited regional markets
  • New forms of disruption
  • Limited sharing economy

Susan needs a better way of doing things,

Do you?

Our approach

  • Data.


    We source affordable quality data to fill the knowledge gaps from
    Travel reviews,
    and Social media.

  • Method.


    Our method combines all the data together and produces an easy to understand set of tourism metrics.

  • Governance.


    Our platform is future proofed against the changing regulatory environment and ensures data is only used for ethical purposes.

  • Commercial.


    The platform is on a rapid cycle with minimal overhead so that it is commercially viable and easily adopted by the industry.

Hemisphere Logo

Tourism analytics platform

After 12 months of effort and considerable support from Austrade, the BRII team and the tourism industry contributors we have developed the Hemisphere tourism analytics platform.

Hemisphere is a data analytics platform specifically designed for the tourism industry. It is privacy compliant, has smart data governance built in and has been preconfigured to provide a series of tourism specific metrics and benchmarks to end users in an easy to use interface. It contains a series of intuitive data visualisations, maps and interactive decision support tools.

There’s also a deep dive analytics functionality that gives an extremely smooth experience when analysing incredibly large datasets through a cloud-based interface.

The answers to your questions:

  • Spend.

    What visitors spend on?
    How frequently do they spend?
    Where do they spend?
    What is the share of travel spend?

  • Visits.

    Where do visitors come from?
    Where do Australians go to?
    How long do they stay for?
    How frequently do they travel?

  • Reviews.

    What do visitors like and dislike?
    What types of hotel do they like?
    Why visitors go to certain regions?
    Which topics drive visits?

  • Listings.

    What are the Suburb profiles?
    What is the average price?
    Where are the gaps in market?
    Sharing economy.

Hemisphere answers tourism specific questions that are hard to answer from traditional forms of market research alone.

Combi parked at the beach

It is compatible with and can work alongside the current market research studies such as the International Visitor Survey (IVS), National Visitor Survey (NVS) and Australian Accommodation Monitor (AAM).

The platform is fully configurable and users can pick and choose data segmented by region, category and type based on their requirements, subscription and budget.

Get in touch with us

Reach out and let us know what industry you are in and we can send you a data package with sample information. Feel free to email through any questions or comments and we will get back to you.

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