Accessible, ready-made insights on how populations move and spend at an affordable price.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Dashboards and drill down reports
  • Subscription based billing
  • One-click publishing
  • Big data discovery
  • Light-speed data insights
  • Managed security as a service
  • Privacy preserving by design
Location & Buildings - Expenditure & Sentiment - Population Movement
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Product Features

  1. Consolidate multiple tourism data sets into a single view of data in an easy-to use analytics platform.
  2. Generate & share rapid insights in near-real time across visitation, expenditure & sentiment aligned to IVS/NVS.
  3. Report your digital (and other) marketing analytics data alongside national tourism benchmarks.
  4. Share sensitive data across your organisation or across your network with fine-grained data access controls.
  • Regional Profiler

    Regional profiling module

    Get immediate access to key data across a specific region or focus; this may include identifying visitation, expenditure and sentiment metrics for the time and location you need.

  • Digital data integration

    Digital data integration module

    Integrate digital performance metrics from web analytics tools such as Adobe or Google and compare geographical based search behaviours against real life visits and spend.

  • Event Analytics

    Regional Profiling Module

    Our Event Analysis module offers the fastest way to determine the impact of events, including major festivals, races, or holiday periods, as well as natural disasters and macro-economic factors to the local tourism economy.

We support a huge range of technical abilities, from those seeking single-click options for running PDF reports to others seeking deep dive data explorations.

You'll be able to:

  • Resolve complex data workflows.

    Resolve complex data workflows from multiple up-to-date datasets quickly; even from multiple locations, over an extended time period. You can even incorporate your own data.

  • Access time critical insights.

    Access credible and timely insights that support your mission-critical planning, strategy, campaign and program development.

  • Generate easy to distribute reports.

    Generate high-calibre reports with superior visualisation (even by non-technical users) and distribute them easily and confidently knowing you've managed data security, permission management and version control!

  • Find your data in one easy to access platform.

    View and analyse transactional, visitation and sentiment data down to suburb level without the time lags associated with market research and census-based data sources.

  • Save days & weeks worth of analysis time.

    Slash the time your senior data analysts and planners spend on data crunching drudgery, so they can focus on more valuable analytics and insights ‘tasks’.

  • Pay only for what you use.

    Pay only for what you use: organisations of all sizes can now access the privacy-compliant, preconfigured location-based analytics and geospatial insights that were previously only affordable by enterprise-level clients.