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Stop wasting time with clunky and outdated systems and start getting better insights with the platform that gives you access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive location data in Australia.

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Designed for industries where location intelligence matters most


Leverage location intelligence to understand tourist behavior, optimise marketing efforts, and enhance visitor experiences.


Utilise location intelligence to track consumer trends, optimise store locations, and tailor product offerings for increased sales.


Harness location intelligence to measure audience reach, improve ad placements, and maximise billboard campaign impact.

Smart Cities

Implement location intelligence to optimise urban planning, enhance public services, and create safer, more efficient communities.

Location Intelligence Used to be Complex
Expensive and Risky. Not Anymore

Your Strategic Partner In Decision-Making
Planning and Execution.

Our Location Intelligence Platform isn’t just a tool; it’s your strategic partner in decision-making, planning, and execution. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform the way you generate location insights.

Safe, accurate and flexible data.

We’ve taken care of access to key location datasets for you, including removing compliance risk from privacy regulations. The ease of use does not imply a lack of flexibility though, as existing feeds can be combined with your own data.

  • Instant access to key geospatial datasets
  • Highly accurate, curated data
  • Combine with your own data, as required

Insights anyone can understand

The complexities of geospatial data should not hinder your progress. That's why our platform simplifies data analysis. It's designed to be both easily navigable and understandable for the business, and powerful and flexible for data scientists.

  • Dashboards and auto-generated reports
  • Big data analysis tools for data scientists
  • AI driven, predictive insights

Security and Compliance Made Simple

Concerns over security, compliance, and use of PII data are real, but they don't need to get in the way of the progress of your business. Geospatial data provided through Hemisphere Digital is anonymized to ensure that you can focus on generating insights, rather than ticking compliance boxes.

  • Privacy, risk and data governance built in
  • Compliance ready external datasets
  • Granular access controls give you control

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